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Friday, March 31, 2017

Bill 997
Just when you think you've seen the worst bill for the environment introduced by the Florida Legislators, they manage to try and push through something even worse.   If you have already received this information please forgive this duplication.  However, Bill 997 is so egregious that I had to call it to your attention.  It basically will punish individuals and organizations for challenging development decisions that may be harmful to Florida's environment.  It will require citizens to pay developers' legal fees up to $50,000 even if the case is settled under mutually agreed terms,   This bill will severely impact and deter citizens from participating in the legal process. Think about it! The average person and non-profit organization does not have that kind of money to challenge large corporations who are threatening their local environment.
This note to you is not to ask you to donate or subscribe to the 1000 Friends of Florida.  However, the information as presented by them was so well done I just wanted to share it with you and hope you will share it with everyone on your mailing list.  This bill needs to be stopped dead in its tracks.   Please contact the legislators and let them know you expect them to protect your rights and vote against this horrible bill.
Jackie Host, Chairman
FFGC Water and Wetlands
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